Don’t Get High On Your Own Supply

Not a single one them looks guilty at all. Not AT ALL.


Abort Pointing Immediately!

It looks like this point is about to go horribly wrong.


Rate My Pointing (At Things)

What makes a great point? The Thai Point is a science.  It’s an art.  This is serious business, people.  So we here at Thais Pointing At Things have developed a rating system.  Join us in distinguishing the mediocre from the legendary.  Those who are truly dedicated to their craft.

  1. Elbow must be fully extended. Bent elbows are not tolerated!
  2. Tightly clenched thumb, middle/ring/pinky finger for extra “points”.  Show us the power of that index finger. Let’s see some muscle tension. (Casual pointing for casual photos is acceptable)
  3. Face, arm and especially finger must be visible.
  4. Intense emotion must be shown on face (appropriate to pointing context).
  5. Object of pointing must be clearly identified.  If we don’t know what you’re pointing at, you have failed us. Shame.
  6. Recruitment.  The more the merrier.  The more people you get involved, the better.  Also known as “reinforcement”.  Sometimes it takes more than 1 person pointing at the same thing just to make sure we all know what you’re pointing at.
  7. Originality.  Give us something we’ve never seen before.  You can only point at so many cars crashed into 711’s.

This is a work in progress.  Help us improve this rating system. What makes or breaks a Thais Pointing photo for you?


Chips or Crisps?

The can of Pringles did it.






This post is completely gratuitous and I don’t care. They’re pointing. It counts.


The Lone Sandal

The sandal. All that was left of Bob after he got his foot caught in the escalator. We miss you, Bob.


Potbelly, Pothole

I think with a few less beers in that belly, we wouldn’t have had this problem.


Smile For The Camera

Another cabbie returns yet another lost bag full of money. Except this time, from the look on his face, I don’t think it was up to him.


Behind Door Number 3

I think it’s pretty obvious.