Tommy Salami, The 55th

A Thais Pointing fan recently met Tommy Salami, The 55th Supreme Ruler of Pointing Nonsense. Long story.


Thai Superpowers

Did you know Thai people can point holes through things? Now you know.


Thais Pointing At Nothing

Welcome to Thais Pointing at Things. We saved you a spot.


Thais Pointing At Transformers

“The Hangover 4: One More Night In Bangkok”


Starring: Bumblebee


Pink eye

I’ve heard of protecting victim’s identity but today I learned, in Thailand, it also applies to dogs.

cencored dog

Pattaya must be super confusing for blind people

Police: “Okay, now point”
Blind guy: “Point where?”
Police: “At the ladyboys”
Blind guy: “At the lady…bo….oh god.  What did I DO last night?!”
Credit: Dean Guilfoyle via Facebook


Hello Drama Alert!

Welcome to Thais Pointing At Things. You’re Thai. You can help. Take photos of you pointing at stuff and hit the submit button somewhere around here. Let’s aim for the greatest pointing pic of all time!



Keep in mind, they gave her back the drugs and made her put them in her bra just for this photo.


Nailed it

I need to start a band just to use this as an album cover.



Zero F£&ks Given

I have no idea what’s going on here but she certainly doesn’t seem to care.