Vintage pointing

Look at my truck. My truck is amazing.


Not even looking

That cop is kind of gangster.



A Stick

Recently, an elderly man was walking on the beach when a stick fell from a tree, killing him. A horrible event. But….


They pointed at the stick, guys. Guys.  A stick. They pointed at the STICK.


Fan Submission

It’s great to see Thais Pointing At Things fans worldwide, taking part in the fun.  Thanks to Clinton Threlkeld for the submission. We’re glad you like the page and keep pointing!


Truck? What truck?

Check out this awesome road.


A River Runs Through It

I’m taking bets on how long until someone tries to jump it.



Foreign Point FTW

We’ve posted non-Thais pointing before but this man is obviously a pro! Look at that form. The facial expression. Sir, we applaud you!


2016 Pointing in Review

2016 was a fun year for pointing. Here’s a look back at our top 5 posts, voted by YOUR likes (on our facebook page), for the year.

#5: Thai style parking (126 likes)
#4: Crack in the road? What crack in the road? (142 likes)
#3: Thai reasons to lock your gate (153 likes)
#2: Pointception (180 likes)

And your #1 most liked point of the year with *265 likes*! I’m sure you guessed it. You all liked it….

#1: Dog food thieves!

Happy new year, everyone! Keep pointing!


Everyone seems slightly happy with themselves in this photo.


Start Them Young

I just wanted to post something nice. Mission accomplished.

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