Thai Kerplunk

The most hardcore game of “Kerplunk” in human history.


The Infamous Buffalo

“Does he look sick to you?!”

(you need to have lived in Thailand to get this one!)


Point at ME!

I don’t know what they’re pointing at and I don’t care.

(Fan submission.  Photo Credit: Biker Chicks Thailand)


One for the girls

And you thought YOU had a problem….


“You Dog!”

“I don’t want to ever catch you looking at a another girl ever again!”


Caption Contest

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Be funny, internet. Don’t fail us.

Size matters

You see that smile on her face? Yeah. Feel inadequate.


The love is real!

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His face makes the pic

“This wheel has been chained to this wall for years!  It’s time for wheels to rise up against their oppressors and be FREE!”



The car lost this fight

Check out how badass my bike is.