Bench Point

You know what…. I’m not going to ask.


I don’t know what’s happening here

This looks more like a stand up comedy skit than a police photo.


I wanna rock

When you wanna rock but they won’t let you rock.


Ghost Point

This stupid glowing circle appeared out of nowhere and now it won’t go away. It’s really hard to sleep.


Deflection Point

Don’t look at us. It was him.


And he was never seen again

According to the rules of the Thai Point, the cop is guilty of something.


The Boat Point

This boat is a pretty big deal in Thailand. What? You’ve never heard of “The Boat”?

Pfft. Tourist.


Perfectly Placed Point

“Dad? Why are you laughing so much?”


The Pug Returns

Yesh oshifer. I would lieth to makes the complainth. I points. You seesh. Wath you meansh? I shpeeks jussh fines!


A Point of Congrats!

We at Thais Pointing would like to take a moment to congratulate Bangkok based movie Director, Richie Moore and his Thai team, on the success of his upcoming film “Who’s Watching Oliver” as well as “Crazy Medicine”, which are both scooping up all the nominations and awards worldwide.


Thanks for helping put Thailand on the world’s radar for movies and filmmaking.